Our crop of butterbeans and peas will start in June, and be available through October (depending on variety) . We have a variety of beans and peas available daily- freshly shelled in 8 lb. (bushel) or 4 lb. bags!  They can be purchased in our retail markets at our Main Location in Ashburn June through October and our seasonal location in Cordele June through July.  
We also have both Peas and Butterbeans available already blanched and frozen ready for you to cook.

​Please call 229-273-1887 to place large orders and see what we have in stock! 

Our Strawberry Season typically lasts from March through May

 We have both U-pick and pre-picked strawberries fresh from the field. Pre-picked berries are available in a variety of sizes including the quart container, 2 lb. container, 2 1/4 lb basket, 5lb basket and 10lb flat, located conveniently in our Farm Market storefront. We provide buckets capable of holding up to 5 lbs of berries for U-pick. Please call ahead for availability and hours for picking.